Luxury Interactive 2016 (past event)

October 17 - 19, 2016

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Getting Physical: In-Store, In-House, And Secure Global Commerce

For All Attendees

08:20 - 09:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration In Main Lobby

By Invitation Only

08:20 - 09:00 Rising Stars Breakfast
Is there a junior eCommerce team member or digital marketer who you think is the next big thing? Retailer nominations to be submitted To

09:00 - 09:05 Welcome Remarks

09:05 - 09:15 Chairperson’s Opening Address

Liad Agmon, Co-Founder and CEO,Dynamic Yield


Liad Agmon

Co-Founder and CEO
Dynamic Yield

09:15 - 09:35 Asia Expansion Roadmap From Marketing To Sales Activation

Nancy Zhang, COO,Otte New York
Vast opportunities exist in Asia eCommerce for luxury brands due to the millennial Asian market's fast adaptation to technology, willingness to experiment with personal style, comfort level with mCommerce, and strong desire for social engagement through the web.
Adapting a global life-style brand strategy for localized customer engagement is key to establishing and growing e-commerce business in the Asia market. Nancy Zhang knows the keys to success and showcases why the Asia market is ripe for global growth for luxury brands, and how to adapt quickly and iterate often in light of potential challenges as eCommerce changes the way we shop globally:

• Best practices for marketing your brand voice via the web
o Local language: social media is key to successful brand recognition
o Key Opinion Leaders and tastemakers in the Asian community seed the community for wider adaptation
• "Global" lifestyle brand positioning in Asia - adapting your branding to the local market needs while retaining global DNA
• Sales and promotional strategy from VIP networks to limited edition lines and access to "lifestyle" experience
• Leveraging affiliate channels and social commerce platforms
• Building cross border shopping partnerships with local distribution platforms - opportunity for operational advantage


Nancy Zhang

Otte New York

09:35 - 09:55 HIGH TOUCH VS. HIGH TECH: Bridging The Gap Between Technology And Touch

Felita Harris, SVP Global, Commercial Development,Lela Rose
Luxury shopping experiences have changed, and reengaging the luxury-buying customer in a world of conspicuous consumption and digital access is a necessity. But in a world of eCommece surfers, how can brick and mortar retailers compete? Felita Harris explains how to get back to the power of the human greeting, aided by digital tools.
• Sales teams and service as brands best assets
• Empower store teams to deliver exceptional service
• The best way to engage and retain customers is leaving them with memorable experiences (time after time)


Felita Harris

SVP Global, Commercial Development
Lela Rose

09:55 - 10:15 Your Passport To The Chinese-American Consumer

Jennifer Wang, Co-Founder & CMO,
The luxury market is constantly asking “What do Chinese want, what do they buy and why?” Join Jennifer Wang as she demystifies the Chinese-American online shopper. She and co-presenters from Neiman Marcus deep-dive into the Chinese-American shopper psyche and how to turn this very specific niche into one of the highest average order value shoppers on the web, and even drove feet in the door to their brick and mortar locations:
• Getting into the mindset of your customer: building trust as the secret to a rock solid online business, and social is so powerful
• The value of niche marketing and why it works so well online; becoming who your customer is before you try to sell to them
• Selling what your customer wants (and nothing else). Getting clear on their needs -- and providing the best possible choices
• How to coalesce your social and mobile platforms and fill with compelling content that not only increases online sales – but drives brick and mortar sales at the same time


Jennifer Wang

Co-Founder & CMO

10:15 - 10:50 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In Main Lobby

It’s our last day of Luxury Interactive 2016, so be sure to fuel up so you don’t miss any of the amazing presentations!

10:50 - 11:10 The End To End Digital Brand Relationship

Jamie Cole, VP, Digital & eCommerce,Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Building a lasting and deep relationship with luxury consumers is increasingly dependent on digital interactions throughout the customer journey. Whilst digital marketing and social media techniques to entice consumers have matured rapidly, innovation is still needed to engage with luxury consumers throughout their product experience and to extend the brand relationship afterwards.
• Creating a cohesive digital experience extends the window of interaction with consumers and allows brands to differentiate the experience
• Delivering a luxury brand promise via a mobile device presents challenges but also opportunities to engage at a deeper level
• Content is the fuel of digital engagement and requires significant investment, innovation and expertise


Jamie Cole

VP, Digital & eCommerce
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

11:10 - 11:40 Panel Discussion: Determining New Omni-KPIs To Hit Goals And Key Drivers

Noah Goldberg, eCommerce Director,Mackage Rachael Johnson, VP, Digital,Moet Hennessy Lauren Croke, Director, Web & eCommerce,Eileen Fisher
Once your omni-channel roadmap is in place, you need to know which is the best way to measure your success. Forget just click rates and web views—you need to think about hard measurements and customer sentimentality together. The executives on this panel share what KPIs they are implementing to scale for success at their businesses:
• Awareness: web traffic generation and visit rate
• Engagement: length of visit and conversion rate on product recommendations
• Conversion: cross-channel conversion rate and basket size
• Loyalty: advocacy, revisit frequency, and lifetime value calculation


Noah Goldberg

eCommerce Director


Rachael Johnson

VP, Digital
Moet Hennessy


Lauren Croke

Director, Web & eCommerce
Eileen Fisher

11:40 - 12:00 From Van Gogh, To Hemingway, To Millenials: The Moleskine Evolution

Mark Cieslinski, President,Moleskine
The Moleskine brand was established in the mid-1990s by a small Milan-based publisher who brought back to life the legendary and iconic notebook used by great artists and thinkers over the past two centuries. The Moleskine brand positions itself as disruptive - not simply as a notebook, but as an
enabler of personal creativity…so what better time than during the current Digital Renaissance for Moleskine to evolve again, delivering a seamless creative experience in migrating contents from paper to digital devices. Mark Cieslinski showcases how this iconic brand is focusing its multichannel strategy and storytelling legacy:
• A growth story still being written: looking to influencers who are creative at their core
• Premium positioning: strategic high growth potential with a multichannel strategy and strong brand pillars
• Leveraging a wider retail presence, boosted by multi-channel distribution: B2C, B2B, and pushing eCommerce as a further engine for growth


Mark Cieslinski


12:00 - 13:00 Lunch For All Attendees

Be sure to sit with someone you haven’t met yet!

13:00 - 13:05 Chairperson’s Afternoon Welcome

Melissa Feemster, SVP Retail Partnerships,8 Seas LLC

Melissa Feemster

SVP Retail Partnerships
8 Seas LLC

13:05 - 13:25 Futuristic Lessons From Real Estate Development: How Technology Is Transforming The Planning And Marketing Of Luxury Residences

Elisa Ours, SVP, Planning and Design,Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group
Digital technology has drastically changed real estate marketing—everything from design trends to overly- educated buyers have created a shift in the market. Throughout this visual presentation of case studies and relevant properties, discover how cutting edge tech, like augmented reality, can be incorporated into luxury businesses; Elisa Ours explains and showcases:
• Paradox of time: Researching, Planning & Design and Marketing vs. Selling
• Properties that exemplify how technology and VR have shifted ways of living (residential scale to the neighborhood scale)
• How technology and data feed back into planning and design decisions to create a more compelling product


Elisa Ours

SVP, Planning and Design
Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group

Based on an in depth study of the GRIN network, successful global retailers share two qualities: (1) they have developed a clear process around understanding the consumer journey in countries they do business (localization) and (2) they have a culture of open innovation / collaboration. Join GRIN network founder Carl Miller and a panel of global fashion executives as they share practical options to leading localization techniques and a common platform used by retailers to explore models of open innovation. This interactive discussion will use real world examples from leading fashion brands to learn more about what is necessary to succeed in the global marketplace.

Carl Miller

Global Retail Insights Network (GRIN)


Jose Nino

VP, eCommerce Marketing
Perry Ellis


Charlie Wade

Business Development Manager


Tiffany Lin

VP of Digital
Cover FX


Nava Osembo-Ombati

Enda Athletic

13:55 - 14:15 Perspectives Fireside Chat: Creative And eCommerce—A Winning Combination

Jessica Ellis, Director of Creative Services,LAGOS
As your brands, de-silo, roles change as you collaborate more than ever. During this chat, hear Jessica’s PERSPECTIVE on how eCommerce and Digital teams can best work with creative for winning strategies. During this interactive session, submit questions on the Luxury Interactive app!

Jessica Ellis

Director of Creative Services

14:15 - 14:50 Wine Pairing Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break

Last call for cocktails and networking!
Once you find the perfect candidate to build your online team, it’s essential to keep them up-to-date on all the latest technology and cutting-edge ideas…it will lead to greater revenue, after all. Building a great, supportive corporate culture in-house will drive talent for years to come. The executives on this panel tell you, too, can:
• Build a mentor program for digital and eCommerce success
• Training brick and mortar associates on the benefits of eCommerce
• Become a champion of outside learning
• Bring in experts—what has your workforce will responded well to


Kristina Buckley Kayel

VP, Communications
Van Cleef & Arpels


Erica Kasel

Luxury Educator


April Uchitel

Chief Brand Officer

15:20 - 15:40 Aligning Your Brand Talent To Work Across All Consumer Touch Points

Jenna Habayeb, VP, Marketing,Splendid & Ella Moss
It all starts with a big idea. A brand story. Finding that hidden gem within your brand that exemplifies the “why” behind consumers’ passion for your brand. Once found, it’s about amplifying this story at every consumer touch point. Creating excitement, interest and ultimately demand. In this presentation we take you through a journey of finding your brand’s soul, implementing a 360 strategy and creating authentic brand content; all within tight budgets and lean teams. See how Splendid did just this over the past few months.
• Crafting your brand story & getting internal alignment
• Developing a 360 strategy led by digital and social
• Creating robust content to tell your story & building the dream team to manage it
• Activating your brand experience at every consumer touch point & measuring success


Jenna Habayeb

VP, Marketing
Splendid & Ella Moss

15:40 - 16:00 Divergence In The Digital Luxury Landscape

Ayako Homma, Senior Analyst,Euromonitor International
The global luxury goods industry in 2016 looks set to continue to rise only slowly, with headline growth remaining disappointing. The luxury goods world faces mounting risks this year: the China slowdown, as well as those of other large emerging markets such as Russia and Brazil; and instability in the Middle East will continue to cloud the horizon. Ayako Homma discusses how divergence will remain a key theme for the year:
• Whilst 2016 will not be a stellar year for the global industry, performance in key markets are showing divergence whereas previously strong performers are on the decline
• Harnessing social media and tapping into the psyche of the digital consumer as connectivity continues to drive new opportunities in digital innovation and growth in the omnichanel reaches new frontiers
• Putting your store as a main point of omni-strategies: training your global sales associates to best showcase your brands as featured through digital messages

Ayako Homma

Senior Analyst
Euromonitor International

16:00 - 23:59 End Of Day Luxury Interactive 2016