Luxury Interactive 2016 (past event)

October 17 - 19, 2016

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Test And Learn: Channel Growth For Purchase Drive

08:00 - 08:50 Continental Breakfast & Registration For All Attendees In The Solutions Lounge

Welcome to the 10th annual Luxury Interactive! Kick off the event right by settling in with breakfast and networking.

08:50 - 09:00 Welcome Remarks

09:00 - 09:15 Chairperson’s Opening Address

Jess Stephens, CMO,SmartFocus

Jess Stephens


Every interaction along the shopping journey matters for a Love Brand. And every interaction is an opportunity to connect and engage with your customers in ways that matter to them. Whether on an e-commerce site, in a retail store, in an email, text or on social media, your customers expect messages to resonate with them, interactions to be memorable, content to be useful, and products/offers to be relevant to their needs. Sunglass Hut provides these experiences by embracing the following models:
• Omni-Channel: Create a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a bricks and mortar store.
• Consumer Intimacy: Is all about knowing who the customer is and using that information to create a meaningful and relevant shopping experience, guided by what she wants, when she wants it, and maybe even when she does not know exactly what she wants.
• Experience 360: Provides a Flagship product assortment to customers in all locations.
• The Sunglass Hut Experience: Provides consumers with a personal and memorable interaction around finding the perfect pair of designer sunglasses, through our expert trained associates.


Mary Anne Stangby

Sunglass Hut, Luxottica Retail North America

09:35 - 09:55 Post-Digital Vision And Opportunities For Tomorrow’s Leaders

Alessio Rossi, Global Chief Digital Officer,Shiseido Group
As digital becomes engrained in everything we touch, talk to and live within in, it disappears and becomes part of our life in an essential way. What are the implications for brands and marketers? Which organizational models are emerging? Which trends will impact most our abilities to win in the markets?
• The Internet of Things and our relationship to it
• Impacts of crowd-sourcing
• Democratizing control vs. managing risks
• Organizational models

Alessio Rossi

Global Chief Digital Officer
Shiseido Group

09:55 - 10:15 Data That Empowers Luxury Marketing

Danny Kourianos, SVP, Product Strategy,Rakuten Marketing
Enduring brand identities, celebrated designs, elite shopping experiences – luxury marketing requires a specialized toolkit to convey the cachet of their storefronts and high-fashion editorial ads through digital environments. Among the must-have items every luxury marketer should use to design the experiences that will shape the luxury omnichannel experience is data. An evolving understanding of loyal customers –classic, modern and future – and the convergence of high-tech with high-fashion has become a staple for brands to maintain their aspirational brand identities. During this keynote, you will gain a deeper understanding of:
• The ways that performance reporting can reflect the value of transactions for different customer types
• How marketing data can be used to measure the ongoing value and lifetime value of individual customers
• How multi-brand retailers can look beyond sales to understand the value and demand for prestige brands they are selling


Danny Kourianos

SVP, Product Strategy
Rakuten Marketing

• Utilizing image-based platforms as if they are catalogs to lead to a direct sale
• Video: shoppable content to immerse the buyer into your brand’s lifestyle
• Blogging: curating content that is to the point, relevant, and promotes need-to-have products
• Using social to engage with 1:1 messaging—how personal is too personal?
• Staying organized: Managing a social calendar, tools used to optimize and boost social commerce


Alessa Martin

Director of Marketing


Ari Wolfe

Strategic Account Manager


Olivia van Eyck

Global Social Media Marketing
Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels

10:45 - 11:25 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break

Share a cup of coffee, break the ice, and meet the executives you’ll be networking with over the next three days!
These interactive sessions are your opportunity to learn about the most innovative eCommerce and omni-channel solutions on the market in a relaxed setting. Each table will have a specific theme—please choose two tables with one rotation. A highlight of Luxury Interactive, roundtable discussions are your best opportunity to idea-share with your peers; have a mimosa and enjoy networking!

1. Launching A New Site Redesign: Balancing A Luxurious And Functional Experience
Brita Fielding, Director of eCommerce, Godiva Chocolatier

2. Data That Empowers Luxury Marketing
Danny Kourianos, SVP, Product Strategy, Rakuten Marketing

3. Your Passport To The Chinese-American Consumer
April McGlynn, Digital Media Manager, Affiliates, Neiman Marcus Group
Michelle Devore, Director of Marketing, Neiman Marcus Group
Jennifer Wang, Co-Founder & CMO,

4. Closing The Gap Between Offline And Online
Ray Owens, Founder & President, DX Marketing

5. Amazon Is Beating You At Customer Experience Optimization. How To Fight Back
Ann Sung Ruckstuhl, CMO, SOASTA

6. Driving Revenue in 2017 with Intelligent Marketing
Joe DiNardo, Director of Marketing, Blue Fountain Media

7. Measuring The Offline Impact Of Your Online Marketing
Lindsay Chastain, Head of Customer Advocacy and Product Marketing, LiveRamp


April McGlynn

Digital Media Manager, Affiliates
Neiman Marcus, Inc.


Michelle Devore

VP, Media and Advertising
Neiman Marcus


Jennifer Wang

Co-Founder & CMO


Danny Kourianos

SVP, Product Strategy
Rakuten Marketing


Brita Turner

Director of eCommerce
Godiva Chocolatier


Ray Owens

Founder & President
DX Marketing


Ann Sung Ruckstuh



Joe DiNardo

Director of Marketing
Blue Fountain Media


Lindsay Chastain

Head of Customer Advocacy and Product Marketing

12:30 - 13:30 Lunch For All Attendees

Enjoy this next hour overlooking the epic views of the New York Harbor and Brooklyn Bridge.

Track A: Measuring And Building Campaigns

13:30 - 13:40 Chairperson’s Address Ray Owens, Founder & President,DX Marketing
To Chair this track, contact or 646-200-7527.

Ray Owens

Founder & President
DX Marketing

Track B: Mastery Of Media Channels

13:30 - 13:40 Chairperson’s Address Nick van Weerdenburg, CEO,

Nick van Weerdenburg


Track A: Measuring And Building Campaigns

13:40 - 14:00 Building A Test And Learn Environment To Bring Your Brand To New Heights Ophelia Ceradini, VP Digital Innovation & Technology Group,Estee Lauder
The Digital Technology & Innovation Group (DTIG) is a team within Estée Lauder Companies Online tasked with supporting the multi-channel digital needs of the Brand Portfolio. A visionary group, Ophelia oversees teams while building a test and learn environment. Drive best practices, pursue and implement initiatives that are taking Estée Lauder Brands to new heights:
• Hiring the right talent: seeking those who have experience working across digital platforms, channels, UI and interactive design
• Keeping up with innovation and emerging technologies to bring brand stories to life both online and in-store globally
• Testing to ensure content is being delivered effectively, allowing for the quick gathering of data, determining what works and building best in class experiences

Ophelia Ceradini

VP Digital Innovation & Technology Group
Estee Lauder

Track B: Mastery Of Media Channels

13:40 - 14:00 Consistency Trough Channel Surfing Justin Sellman, VP, eCommerce and Digital Strategy,Ghurka
Consumers have limited attention spans and constantly switch between channels throughout their days. Keeping up with their pace of content consumption requires keen planning, creating, scheduling, measuring, and reacting to effectively understand on which channels to focus digital marketing energy and why. Join Justin has he uncovers how to:
• Keep focus on your product to avoid channel surfing
• Schedule content to keep it fresh to keep the customer curious
• Capture actionable metrics, and know what works and what doesn’t


Justin Sellman

VP, eCommerce and Digital Strategy

Track A: Measuring And Building Campaigns

14:00 - 14:30 Panel Discussion: Paid Search Paying Off: Balancing Budgets And Reach Michael Sanders, Director, eCommerce,Saturdays NYC Mark Simmons, VP, Marketing and eCommerce,Design Within Reach Jennifer Scott, Senior Director Global Marketing & eCommerce,Frette
The customer journey is almost never direct, and often starts with a general search…but you need that search query to really pay off to not waste dollars on unnecessary keywords. Search strategies are now bringing together PR, content and social plans to ensure the right timely information is being displayed for conversion optimization. The experts on this panel combine left brain and right brain by:
• Designing your budget as PPCs/PLAs continue to increase
• Implementing good search and display media: converting customers after the first click so they do not wander to competitor sites
• Building look-alike models of customers to increase conversion from search—what keywords and images will drive them to your site

Michael Sanders

Director, eCommerce
Saturdays NYC


Mark Simmons

VP, Marketing and eCommerce
Design Within Reach


Jennifer Scott

Senior Director Global Marketing & eCommerce

Luxury customer are loyalists—and immersing them in your brand keeps them engaged. Luxury buyers also want to shop with ease and no roadblocks—so content plus convenience equals an app. Still not sure if an app is for your brand? The brands on this panel can prove its value. The experts on this panel are changing the way their brands think mobile strategies by:
• Knowing when your brand is ready for the dedicated app—and what content needs to be featured to push customers to buy
• Which design works best for the customer journey: choosing between Responsive, Adaptive, Native, and Hybrid
• Push notifications and geo-targeting- how to thoughtfully engage with your customer
• Structuring your app development if time with resourcing between internal and external teams


Diana Takach

VP, eCommerce
Camuto Group


Andrew Collins

President & CEO
Sentient Jet


Sarah Lukas

Corporate Senior Manager, eCommerce Marketing
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Track A: Measuring And Building Campaigns

14:30 - 14:50 Fireside Chat: Selling To The UHNW—Secrets And Misperceptions Jon Omer, VP, US Wholesale,Feberge
Marketing and selling to the UHNW can be difficult. Learn from this luxury exec surprises and lessons from his 30 years of experience in the business.

Jon Omer

VP, US Wholesale

Track B: Mastery Of Media Channels

14:30 - 14:50 Visual Advertising In A Mobile World: 3 Prime Channels for Luxury Brands Kaitlin Konetchy, Enterprise Account Manager,ROI Revolution Jose Nino, VP, eCommerce Marketing,Perry Ellis
In a world that’s turning increasingly to mobile for Internet browsing and shopping, visual ad platforms are more important than ever. Three paid advertising channels specifically stand out as high-ROI, high-opportunity channels for luxury brands operating in a mobile-dominated world. Learn our top best practices for success through Google Shopping, Facebook Advertising, and Remarketing—and how you can integrate these three channels profitably.

• The trends and opportunities facing retailers in a mobile-first world
• Guidelines for success in optimizing your Shopping product feed
• How to utilize Facebook’s massive mobile audience without tanking your ROI
• High-opportunity remarketing channels and strategies

Kaitlin Konetchy

Enterprise Account Manager
ROI Revolution


Jose Nino

VP, eCommerce Marketing
Perry Ellis

Track A: Measuring And Building Campaigns

14:50 - 15:10 Creating Video To Market Across Platforms, Enhancing SEO Matthew Leone, CMO,Terra Holdings - Brown Harris Stevens & Halstead Property
When showcasing your luxury brand online, customers rate video as the most effective tool. Video inspires and realistically displays the product; it convinces your buyer of the quality of the materials and/or experiences experience they can expect….they may even share the video which increases your SEO. Join Matthew Leone as he presents:
• Creating stories and showing detail in a captivating way
• Video creation: which video platforms are appropriate for your product, and how to reduce the expensive cost by using free social-video platforms
• How each video platform differentiates (YouTube, Instagram), and which has the biggest return
• Marketing and re-purposing your video across all social platforms to enhance SEO and virality
• Deciding which KPIs to use to effectively measure for ROI

Matthew Leone

Terra Holdings - Brown Harris Stevens & Halstead Property

Track B: Mastery Of Media Channels

14:50 - 15:10 Letting Go Of Your Brand Story Anne-Marie Kline, VP, Global Marketing,Living Proof
Marketing today is about an always-on strategy that provides the audience a seat at the table in the journey of the brand. The ethos of the brand must always be evident; however, the more fingerprints from users the bigger and stronger the brand will become. In order to do this, a brand must be comfortable with letting go of their brand story while also supporting and creating content that is more in the edutainment category – content that solves a problem.
• A modern brand belongs to its audience, make it something they need to be a part of
• Let others tell your story as their own story
• Celebrate your audience as much as possible

Anne-Marie Kline

VP, Global Marketing
Living Proof

15:10 - 15:50 Afternoon Break For All Attendees In The Solutions Lounge

You snooze, you grab some coffee! Trust us, you don’t want to miss these next keynote sessions.

15:50 - 16:10 Luxury In The Real World

Jennifer Marchetti, CMO,Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate
Opportunities to connect with and serve clients in the online and social arenas are unprecedented, and developing at break-neck speed. However, for the luxury consumer, the offline world remains the more critical touchpoint, particularly as the online world is becoming more saturated. The combination of service, personalization and above-and-beyond content when you are face to face with your luxury client remains a critical means of differentiation. This presentation will highlight these trends through the lens of luxury homebuyers and sellers, taking a look at one of the more complex, sophisticated and expensive transactions a consumer can do:
• How to bridge the online and offline world to complete the richest consumer experience
• How to differentiate for the long term
• How to move beyond the tactics of the business you are in to create relationships that transcend the traditional sales and marketing cycles

Jennifer Marchetti

Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate

16:10 - 16:30 Accelerating Digital Into A Hundred Year Old Brand

Swan Sit, VP, Global Digital,Elizabeth Arden
This past Summer, Elizabeth Arden unveiled a new multi-platform digital campaign paying homage to the entrepreneurial and inspirational voice of the brand's eponymous founder. The campaign, entitled "From the Desk of Liz Arden," expands the brand’s digital footprint and provides a fresh, personalized, behind-the-scenes consumer experience. This new digital voice, with unexpected and fun influencers, personifies the company’s core values and brings the spirit of the brand to life in a modern, fashion-forward way. Join Swan Sit as she gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the campaign that significantly outperformed benchmarks, as well as other notable investments in media, mobile, apps, video and innovation to establish a next-generation global digital platform for Elizabeth Arden:

• Bringing a heritage brand’s core values to life by speaking in the first person, directly with consumers, to strongly resonate their active lifestyles
• Launching a digital makeover: cheeky ways to inspire and connect with the customer
• Merging digital and eCommerce touch points via extensive new content, paid media, and ongoing influencer partnerships

Swan Sit

VP, Global Digital
Elizabeth Arden

16:30 - 17:30 10th Year Anniversary Celebration Reception

Who doesn't love oysters and champagne? Only the best for you to help us celebrate the 10th anniversary of Luxury Interactive—cheers!

17:30 - 23:59 End Of Day One